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Wild Area Hunting

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  • Wild Area Hunting

    This event will be held at 11:30-11:40 and 20:00-20:20. Click on Wild Area Hunting in Limited-Time Event, and select a region to start.
    In the event, there are certain amount of monsters even BOSS in the map. Players can obtain points and rare items by chance from killing monsters.
    In the event, players can attack other players in different guild. Be aware of players who are targeting for the same monster, as they won’t hesitate to start a fight.

    Click image for larger version

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    Would there be any chance that you will increase the region in a server or change some mechanics of this event? It's too annoying to get interrupted in a boss fight by other players challenging you into pvp. And could you please make this event more stable, it's too delay sometimes that you cant click bosses or players. Thanks


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      Thanks for your advice, we are currently making a plan to optimize this event, please pay attention to the latest news about the game


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        It looks like there were some nice changes today. Just want to toss out a few other ideas/options to consider. (does something like this happen currently? couldnt tell)
        - Despawn bosses after 2-3 min if not attacked and re spawn a new boss. This will help early servers where most players cant kill anything past the wolf. and so on.
        - Fight interruptions: When you start a fight there is a 10 sec countdown, allow that time for interrupting or engaging in PVP. After that time allow the player to fight boss uninterrupted.
        - Map layout, maybe make them larger or more detailed with terrain similar to some of treasure hunting maps.
        - Possibly lower the player limit or allow rooms to be based on BP ranges? This might replace my first suggestion as it would resolve the same complaint i see every day in world chat on our servers.

        ​hope this helps!!
        Server 2: Eltharien
        Server 3: Eliara (GM of Log Horizon)
        Player GM for Server 3